Best hybrid vehicle, Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius and Toyota Hybrid Technology: 20 Years Old!

Toyota is a pioneer in environmental and hybrid technology. From the very first Prius in 1997 (but launched in 2000) to the present day, more than 13 million Toyota hybrids have been sold in over 90 countries around the world. There’s a reason why this Toyota is one of the world’s leading hybrids. At your Toyota dealer, come and discover the all-new 2020 Prius with hybrid technology.

Toyota Prius For Life!

As you know, the hybrid vehicle (electric motor and gasoline engine) is a viable and efficient solution. By combining an electric motor and a combustion engine, these vehicles have great potential for reducing fuel consumption without sacrificing range. The presence of two engines and two energy sources requires a controller, called an energy management system, which is responsible for controlling both engines simultaneously. The fuel consumption performance of the vehicle depends in part on the design of this controller. Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, newer than their non-plug-in counterparts, are distinguished by the addition of an internal charger that allows the battery to be recharged while the vehicle is stopped and therefore be discharged during a journey. Toyota Canada offers a growing line-up of Toyota hybrids, especially the Prius.

In addition to the above, there are a few other indications that must be added to answer the question: why choose a hybrid vehicle? When you buy a hybrid vehicle, you immediately think of the reduced fuel consumption, the comfort of driving in the city at low speeds, but also the capacity to take on the open road. What’s more, the quietness of the drive, the fluidity of the propulsion and the ease of manoeuvrability also come into play when choosing a hybrid car.

Vert la Rive-Nord in Saint-Jérôme and Saint-Eustache can help you make the best choice. Year after year, time after time, our clientele has a craze for Prius vehicles, both new and used Toyota vehicles.

Like all the other models in the range, the 2020 Prius benefits from the Hybrid Synergy Drive system. It combines a 1.8-litre 4-cylinder engine with two electric motor-generators and a continuously variable transmission. This all-new Prius is quiet and efficient. It also meets high environmental and air quality standards. The Prius A.W.D. version is even more spectacular.

In 2020, the size of this hybrid vehicle remains unchanged, as well as its cargo capacity, which is 1855 litres when the rear seats are folded down in its 60/40 shape. As a nod to sports enthusiasts, the 2020 Prius is available with rear crossbars that allow you to easily transport bulkier accessories like a bike, your water ski, your kayak, etc.

The interior of the Prius is spacious. Its cabin speaks for itself, as does its comfort and elegance. You’ll have heated front seats, a heated inclinable and telescopic steering wheel and automatic climate control. On the steering wheel, you’ll immediately notice unparalleled ergonomics with a range of easy-to-reach and safe driving controls. This Toyota vehicle can also count on a multifunction touch screen and hands-free telephony with Bluetooth technology.

Finally, all 2020 Prius models come with a push-button start with a driver-side keyless entry system as well as remote courtesy lighting. The more technological versions benefit from Smart Key on all three doors, Toyota Safety and an adaptive lighting system. In the Technology Plus version, a full-colour head-up display is available, displaying the speedometer, navigation and hybrid field indicator. In short, the Prius Plug-In Hybrid is the number one environmental choice in Canada.

Vert la Rive-Nord: The Best Choice in Quebec

Without a doubt, Vert la Rive-Nord is an original concept of pooling efforts and talents in order to serve green customers with a desire to go far … very far. Come meet us in Saint-Jérôme and Saint-Eustache and try out the new Prius today.

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