Toyota Hybrid Vehicles

Toyota’s hybrid vehicles have been designed to help you gain the best out of your driving experience and allow you to do more for the environment. Discover the whole line of Toyota hybrid vehicles, from the compact, mid-size and larger sedans to mid-size and large hybrid SUV. Learn more about the functioning of the hybrid and alternative technology at Toyota and explore all the interior characteristics of our most Eco energetic sedans. Discover the efficiency, reliability and legendary power of the Japanese designer as well as the avant-gardists functionalities and the price of your new hybrid Toyota at your dealership on the North Shore of Montreal. Say no to fuel waste with Toyota’s hybrid vehicles.
An Eco Responsible Attitude

Take a green turn at the wheel of your hybrid Toyota

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Think about the environment by reducing your emissions

To drive green is to make money savings every day all while doing a concrete gesture for the environment!

Join the Movement

Do like many people around you!

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Make a concrete action for the planet

Take the Road of the Future!

Learn more about Toyota’s hybrid vehicles

Why Hybrid?

Since 1997, Toyota has allowed to avoid the emission of more than 94 million tons of C02 on a global scale.


All-electric mode, fuel mode, or a combination of both without any sacrifice performance-wise.

Hybrid Popularity

Toyota constantly innovates to improve its models and make them even more performant.


Configure your Toyota hybrid vehicle. Toyota St-Jérôme and Toyota St-Eustache offer you the complete range of hybrid vehicles on the market.

In 1997, Toyota introduced the hybrid technology to the world with the Prius. Today, more than 13 million drivers of hybrid vehicles in the world roam the roads*. As a leader on the market of hybrid vehicles, Toyota has learned to perfect its vehicles in order to obtain an unparalleled range of hybrid models fitting any lifestyle. No need to plug it; your hybrid Toyota is completely autonomous. The battery charges itself during the different phases of driving, thus allowing you to spend 50% of your travelling time electrically*.

How Does It Work?


The questions that come back the most about hybrid vehicles.

The original battery, in more than 98% of Toyota hybrid vehicles sold in Canada since 2001, has not yet been replaced. All the hybrid components, including the hybrid battery, benefit of an 8-year guarantee or 160,000 km (whichever comes first).

Even though hybrids benefit from the stop of the engine and a superior autonomy in the city (in all-electric mode), the hybrid systems of the new generation Toyotas are equipped with high-efficiency fuel engines for driving on the highway. In certain conditions, these systems can even pass in electric mode during cruise control driving on the highway. Toyota’s hybrid systems can determine and use the optimal combination between the electric engine and the gas engine according to driving conditions.

Toyota hybrid vehicles drive like any other conventional motorization vehicle. The Toyota hybrid system functions in all transparency in the background, one moment using the fuel engine, the other the electric engine, and this, in optimal unison. Moreover, you can refill a Toyota hybrid vehicle exactly like you refill a regular gas vehicle. And it is not necessary to plug it. Rechargeable hybrid vehicles (PHEV) offer the same advantages as hybrid vehicles. They can also be plugged in order to extend their electric autonomy.

Toyota hybrid vehicles never need to be plugged. Since the hybrid system recharges the battery, a hybrid vehicle therefore is driven and used exactly like a conventional fuel vehicle. Rechargeable hybrid vehicles (PHEV) can be plugged, but uniquely to extend their electric autonomy. On the other hand, pure electric vehicles (EV) must absolutely be plugged.

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