Certified Toyota Hybrid Vehicles Advantages

The Benefits of Toyota-Certified Hybrid Vehicles

In a very precise way, Toyota vehicles are sought after everywhere by automotive consumers. Why such a runaway for the Japanese brand? It must be said, the Toyota brand has a strong credibility, and all its vehicles have excellent resale value. When choosing a certified vehicle, you need to know that you are at the right address with Toyota. By choosing the certified Toyota brand, you immediately benefit from superior quality, long-term reliability, safe value, and much more. The same goes for the certified Toyota Hybrid, since the main advantage of hybrid vehicles is that it meets high standards of inspection and certification.

Vert la Rive-Nord, an avant-gardist combination of the Toyota St-Jérôme and Toyota St-Eustache dealerships on Montreal’s North Shore near Laval and Blainville, assures you that the certified Toyota Hybrid is an excellent choice in terms of sustainability and reliability.

Why Certified Hybrid Vehicles?

The low-carbon hybrid pre-owned vehicle is the logical choice and is the perfect balance between nature and mobility. All Toyota electric and hybrid vehicles have been designed to better respect global resources while offering the best technologies in the industry.

Whether it’s electric cars, plug-in hybrids or hybrid cars, Toyota is constantly striving, with this type of vehicle, to get customers to reduce their fuel consumption and migrate from the gasoline engine towards the electric motor or hybridization (combination of electric motor and petrol engine of the traditional car).

In addition, as you know, the Toyota brand is synonymous with durability, reliability and high quality. But these words are only made possible by a series of strict inspections required by the Japanese manufacturer in Canada.

For example, Toyota’s used hybrid vehicle program provides owners with the same benefits as the regular certified pre-owned vehicle program, which is 24-hour roadside assistance and exceptional coverage. At the wheel of a Toyota-certified pre-owned hybrid vehicle, you’re covered!

The Japanese manufacturer is also submitting its Prius, Camry, RAV4, Corolla and Highlander used hybrid vehicles, which are candidates for certification, to a rigorous 176-point quality assurance inspection – with 16 points especially for hybrid vehicles. We offer a factory-approved warranty on the battery (remaining portion of the 8-year/160,000 km warranty on hybrid components). That’s peace of mind all the way.

The required parts are replaced only by original Toyota parts. Certified also means that you will have in your hands the historical report of your Carfax vehicle that will provide you with all the old and recent information of the vehicle.

In short, Toyota-certified used vehicles for sale are vehicles that last and last a long time. “Once a Toyota, always a Toyota” means that we take care of our vehicles and that we always strive for excellence in performance. Our vehicle program also shows that the standards are high and we want to respect all the standards of the Japanese manufacturer. Like electric vehicles with charging stations that are multiplying throughout Quebec as well as charging at home, hybrid cars and SUVs are covered for 6 months/10,000 km on the powertrain, enough to ensure peace of mind.

With used Toyota vehicles, you also benefit from special financing rates by the manufacturer. The best interest rates, you will find them at Toyota! With Toyota Financial Services, you can take advantage of special rates for Toyota-certified used vehicles.

Vert la Rive-Nord, Tranquility all the Way!

With the aforementioned perks, Vert la Rive-Nord team, an innovative combination of Toyota St-Jérôme and Toyota St-Eustache, near Laval and Blainville on Montreal’s North Shore, assures you that your next certified Toyota Hybrid will deliver you years of fun. The Japanese manufacturer has been the leader in hybridization and electric vehicles since 1997. It has sold more than 13 million vehicles and avoided the emission of more than 94 million tonnes of CO2 worldwide.

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