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Toyota Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles Are A Great Deal!

As electric vehicles gain in popularity, manufacturers are offering a growing range of choices, especially in the hybrid category. Toyota is among those who’ve made great strides in these categories, and the Japanese manufacturer has two plug-in hybrid models, among others. These are called “Prime”: the popular RAV4 Prime SUV and the Prius Prime compact car, derived from the classic Prius hybrid.

Vert la Rive-Nord in Saint-Jérôme and Saint-Eustache introduces you to Toyota’s plug-in hybrids and explains why they’re a great option. Discover hybrid cars that are more autonomous than ever and that no longer have the shortcomings of the first electric models; in short, Toyota hybrid vehicles are cutting-edge!

Prime Is Better than a Gas Vehicle!

The Toyota Prius and Toyota RAV4 plug-in hybrids have impressive range, as the capabilities of the gasoline engine and the electric motor are combined. In hybrid mode, the SUV can travel 800 km without stopping; in the Prius compact car, this distance increases to 1,035 km with a full tank and a recharge!

These cars also offer a selection of driving modes: they can be driven in hybrid mode, in 100% electric mode or in gasoline mode. The range of the batteries is often long enough for daily trips: 40 km with the Prius and 68 km with the RAV4. 

These driving modes also considerably reduce fuel consumption, which is quite impressive in both models. In fact, the Prius Prime consumes only 4.3L/100km, a figure that’s only slightly higher for the robust RAV4, which consumes an average of 6.2L/100km.

The RAV4 also offers amazing performance, which is rare in the electrified vehicle segment; in fact, it has 302 horsepower! Plus, like any other decent SUV, it has all-wheel drive for optimal traction on the road and excellent handling in all conditions. The Toyota RAV4 offers large cargo and towing capacities (949 L and 2,500 lb respectively), which make it an ideal vehicle for travelling.

If recharging your car is a concern, rest assured that this is never an issue with Toyota’s hybrids, which recharge very quickly. In fact, with a 240-volt fast-charging station, even a large, rugged vehicle like the RAV4 takes only 4.5 hours to fully charge.

Safety being one of Toyota’s great strengths, the hybrid model is no exception: both come standard with Toyota Safety Sense 2.0. The package includes several beneficial Driving Assistance technologies such as Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection and Emergency Braking. Lane Departure Warning and Lane Keeping Assist and Automatic High Beams are also included to give you peace of mind.

These cutting-edge vehicles don’t cut corners in the infotainment department, which is very much up to date. The Prius Prime, for example, features a vertical touchscreen display of up to 11.6 inches that’s as intuitive and user-friendly as a smartphone. Both incorporate compatibility with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Bluetooth and several options like wireless charging or integrated navigation.

In short, Toyota’s plug-in hybrids offer you an enhanced experience, both in terms of range and technology. Find out more about the specific features of each of the Prime models and the versions at Vert la Rive-Nord!

Choose a Green Car!

Your Saint-Jérôme and Saint-Eustache dealerships offer a wide range of electric vehicles to help you make the right choice. Whether you want to drive a 100% electric car or a plug-in hybrid model, there are vehicles of all sizes available!

The team will provide you with more information on the strong points of each model and on the features of specific electric vehicles. You’re in good hands, and at Vert la Rive-Nord and you’ll enjoy great promotions and advantageous financing plans.

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